McOS is split up into multiple different times:

Classic is all of the events before the recreation of the original MaowcraftOS-Terminal server, it did not have any major villains or enemies, and thus far did not have any story arcs.

Classic was originally going to be remade in a server called 'MaowcraftOS-Classic', which ended up becoming a Deprecated Server.

Classic did not include any World elements and was only one main server.


  • The Classic period also extra users who later on left because of problems with the server during the Classic period.
    • Originally, the managing account of the entire Classic period was a discord account labeled as 'MaowcraftOS', a side account of the now main managing account Maowcraft.
  • The access to the main server was only available after doing a large quest where you must re-upload files to a bot.
  • The Classic period was inspired by another roleplay known as AquaOS.