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Gradient is a freelance gray hat hacker and user alt by Maowcraft. Gradient works as an I.T. guy when he is not out hacking. He also has an unlockable ally in the Secrets Ally Pack.

Character Info:

Gradient is a contact/friend of Maowcraft's and is a registered but hidden member of They've been possibly hinted to have a contract in a later update. Gradient owns a Tweeter, uTube, and Instagremlin account.. which are all on Friend Only mode. Gradient works for Darius I.T. Management, an I.T. company. Gradient has ties to The Payday Gang, Syndicate, EnTech, and Hexspace.

Ally Information:

Gradient is an ally for the Secrets Ally Pack, he is currently unable to be unlocked until the clues for the secret have been revealed, which is speculated to be inside of one of the Syndicate computers and/or buildings. And he is also the only ally to be informed in Prison Layouts. He can also be mentioned by Maowcraft if you have Maowcraft as your ally and will have random conversations with Maowcraft if you have both of them as your ally.

Name Rarity Skills Suspicion
Gradient Secret Professional Stealth, Prison and Bank Layouts, No Attack, No Defense Low