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Maowcraft is the first member of the cast, being the founder of the roleplay, and the OS within the roleplay known as MaowcraftOS. His role listed in Discord is 'The Overpowered Douchebag' as he is the owner. He is also the leader of the group 'Hexspace' within MaowcraftOS. He is also the creator of the OS in MaowcraftOS, called MaowcraftOS.

His alias is usually shortened to 'Maow' as it is easier to type.


Maowcraft is an ex-employee of EnTech, an advanced security company in charge of The Hacknet Project. He was one of the people who took down Hacknet, he used the code from Hacknet for his own operating system called MaowcraftOS.

After being fired from EnTech, he joined a large hacking group called Syndicate, where he met Gradient, another member of Syndicate, who was in charge of the computer security.

He and Gradient left Syndicate, Gradient went to go get a degree in Computer Science. But Maowcraft had decided to become a solo hacker, one of the other employees of EnTech, Orion, discovered his computer and hacked him. Causing a large error, which sent out a network distress signal to a program named 'TrollTrain', run by the computer programmer Trollbreeder, with the point of finding distress signals and helping out other people in need. After Trollbreeder helped Maowcraft, they talked for a while and became friends.

Maowcraft discovered an old copy of the Hacknet source-code in an archive on one of his server drives and had an idea to create his own Operating System. He asked ex-employees and Troll to help out a bit. A long while later, a period of about a year, the first beta was created. Maowcraft uploaded his operating system onto his own website, and soon, many people joined.

One of Trollbreeder's friends joined, he tried to introduce them to Maowcraft, but they were both very cautious and untrusting of each other. Trollbreeder's friend was named Fantasyz, who was a pretty decent computer hacker and software engineer. They had a bit of a rivalry for a bit but decided to a truce.