Welcome to the MaowcraftOS Wiki

MaowcraftOS is a private roleplay entirely hosted on Discord. McOS is a Roleplay based around Technology/Hacking, which connects a bunch of game worlds like Hacknet, Watch Dogs, and etc. This wiki is created to share information about the RP to the world.

Basic Plot

MaowcraftOS is about a bunch of characters from a country in San Francisco known as Maolia, 3 friends find a developer working at a technology company known as EnTech, his name is Maowcraft, he decides to make a private OS. MaowcraftOS. They all become friends and decide to help each other, many enemies come. Orion, ctOS 1 and 2, etc.

What is it Again?

MaowcraftOS was created as a roleplay based off games like Hacknet, Hackmud, and Uplink. It existed for around 1 to 2 years containing a bunch of friends. It still exists on Discord, it was founded by.. Me! Maowcraft. I decided to open this wiki for newcomers and fans of a bunch of those games! Check out the story, piece together elements, and have fun checking it out.

Latest activity