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Orion is a software hacker and was the main antagonist of the Orion Arc. He breaks his way into computers using bugs and exploits within the MaowcraftOS operating system and is the only known character to be able to break Meriweather security.

His name is currently unknown, his status is currently unknown, as the creator of the character hasn't been able to do anything with his story.


Orion was a worker for the security company EnTech, he was one of the heads of the I.T. department, alongside Maowcraft. He was an extreme supporter of the Hacknet project, an operating system built by EnTech, based off of Linux. There's an unknown reason for his support for the project. After the end of the Hacknet project, with it being destroyed by the 'Hacknet Sabotage' group, he targetted multiple of the co-workers related to Hacknet's downfall. Including Maowcraft.

After he found out about the MaowcraftOS operating system, he found a way into the networks of many MaowcraftOS higher-ups, such as Maowcraft, Hertz, and Trollbreeder.