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Contractor Information:

Shade is a contractor from the "Retro Heist Content Pack" Update for MaowcraftOS-World. He is mostly anonymous, except for a Privacy Invasion side-mission found in the #city location. Where he can be clearly seen. Shade has a friend known as XYZ, who is never seen or online during the events of the story. He features an Exo Network and 2 Contracts.


Retro (2 Day Job)
Night's Edge (1 Day Job)
[STORY] Retro features the story of a corporation known as Retro Corporation, who are responsible for creating faulty neuromods to attempt to control people and make them do their work.. by making more neuromods. [STORY] Night's Edge is started in a storage site called Proton, which apparently stores a legendary weapon known as the Night's Edge, which gains power from the moonlight and darkness around it.
[DAY 1 - GOAL 1 - STEALTH ONLY] Retrieve Evidence: This goal features retrieving evidence that the Retro Corporation is indeed trying to sell faulty neuromods. The steps are mostly based on MaowcraftOS-Terminal, where you must first travel to Retro Corporation on MaowcraftOS-World and open the internal network and hack in using Terminal, Shade will inform you that you have collected the evidence and that you must retrieve the neuromods and stop the production.
[DAY 1 - GOAL 1 - STEALTH ONLY] Break Into Proton: This is a goal featuring elements from terminal and world, you must first open an internal network which is shielding the entrance of the storage site in world and then hack through the entrance using terminal.
[DAY 1 - GOAL 2 - STEALTH ONLY] Retrieve Neuromods: This goal features retrieving the neuromods so you can later examine them and disable the already sold neuromods so that the affected people can be freed, on MaowcraftOS-World you must travel to the Retro Corporation building and sneak inside by lockpicking the doors and avoiding guards. There will be various neuromods scattered around the place, thankfully, Shade tells you where they are. Once you collect them, you must retreat back into your vehicle and drive away.
[DAY 1 - GOAL 2 - STEALTH ONLY] Retrieve Identification Card: You find out the crate with the night's edge is locked with an identification card, meaning you need to steal it from one of the employees.
[DAY 2 - GOAL - LOUD ONLY] Tamper with Neuromods: This is the only goal for Day 2, when you try to tamper with the neuromods, it will transmit a distress signal, the area you are currently in will get filled in enemies, causing you to have to fight them in order to finish tampering with them which takes 1 minute. When the tampering is done, you will have to download the files too, which takes 50 seconds. Then once you are done downloading the neuromod files, you must retreat to your vehicle and the contract ended.
[DAY 1 - GOAL 3 - LOUD ONLY] Hack Into Titan Safe: This goal takes 2 minutes to complete, when you insert the identification card it flags you as a fraud employee, and sends multiple enemies your way, including a new enemy called the Heavy Reinforcements Security Guard, when the safe opens and you retrieve the Night's Edge, multiple Heavy Reinforcements Security Guards surround the building and you must get to the roof of the storage site and throw the Night's Edge into a flying helicopter, then jump in yourself. Completing goal 1 and 2 using stealth will unlock a new weapon called the Night's Edge.